Behar-Bechukotai – On The Mount-In My Statutes

TORAH PORTION: Leviticus 25:1-26:2
HAFTARAH: Jeremiah 32:6-27
BRIT HADASHA: Luke 7:1-8:56

TORAH PORTION: Leviticus 26:3-27:34
HAFTARAH: Jeremiah 16:19-17:14
BRIT HADASHA: Luke 9:1-10:41

Behar_bechukkotai_2014: The Gift of Jubilees

Behar & Bechukkotai 2013: The Connection Between Shabbat And Treason

Behar: The Prophecy Of The Jubilee

Bechukkotai: The Prophecies Within The Blessings

Bechukkotai 2016: The Requirements of Holiness & Staying In The Land